Starry Stonewort

Starry Stonewort was first identified in Big Cedar Lake in the Fall of 2019, around the public boat launch in the southeast corner of the Lake. To date, our efforts have been able to contain this invasive weed to this area of our Lake.  

There is a PowerPoint Primer that explains Starry Stonewort here.

There is also an extensive write-up on Starry Stonewort given to us by Trent University that can be accessed here.  

Starry Stonewort can become a more significant problem for our Lake than Eurasian Water Milfoil.  Starry Stonewort completely eradicates native water plants where it grows, it can grow in water deeper than Milfoil (up to 10 m but generally 1- 7 m) and unlike Milfoil is completely impenetrable by fish for their habitat. The concern with it, is there is no known treatment for it and it spreads rapidly through fragmentation.  

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Approximate location of Starry Stonewort growth (blue shaded areas) as of October 2022 near the public boat launch in Big Cedar Lake.

2023 Workplan for Starry Stonewort

  1. a)     The team that had been working on the Eurasian Milfoil invasion, have been reassigned to address the Starry Stonewort infestation at the public boat ramp area.  This team is working to curtail the spread of Starry Stonewort.  You will see a series of buoys in the area noting the areas with Starry Stonewort.  Please limit your use of the boat ramp area, and if absolutely needed, be sure to raise your motor until fully out of the affected area.  The growth of this new dangerous weed is greatly accelerated by fragmentation caused by boat propellers.
  1. b)    New Signage – Signs have been installed near the boat ramp area:

Clean Drain Dry Sign (3 feet x 4 feet in size)


Starry Stonewort has the potential to make Milfoil look like a non-issue.  Starry Stonewort will choke out the Lake.  It will eliminate fish habitat.  If you see Starry Stonewort in other parts of the Lake, please report it to the Association.  With no known solution to eliminate it, we must be very diligent.  Thank you for your support with this very important issue.


Shoot morphology

Root bulbil with typical “starry” formation

Typical “pillow” like growth form of large colony