Welcome to the Big Cedar Lake Stewardship Association.

2017 Membership Renewal

Please use the link below to the membership renewal form. When we all help and contribute to the health and well-being of our lake it makes a huge difference, not only now, but for future generations. Thank you for your support!

2017 Membership and Weevil Contribution Form.


The Big Cedar Lake Stewardship Association is incorporated as non-profit corporation under the name of Big Cedar Lake Stewardship Association (BCLSA). Although the immediate focus is to address the Milfoil weed problem in the Lake, it was felt it would be valuable to have an ongoing Association in the long term. In the interim until a general membership meeting can be held in the Spring the following objectives were established and directors/officers appointed. At the general membership meeting an election will be held for directors/officers and the objectives will be reviewed.

Objectives of BCLSA:

  • the preservation and improvement (or regeneration) of the environmental health of Big Cedar Lake in the Province of Ontario and its surroundings;
  • serving as a focal point for Big Cedar Lake stewardship and improvement projects;
  • providing information concerning matters related to the Big Cedar Lake community;
  • and providing a forum for Big Cedar Lake users to meet and get to know each other.

A list of BCLSA’s Directors and Officers will be published soon

How to Join

Membership costs $25.00 per year for each cottage on the lake.
For interested parties who do not have a cottage on Big Cedar Lake or its watershed but would like to become a member of the Assoication, please contact Darcy Wefers at info@bclsa.ca

Membership Form

BCLSA Enrollment Form

The BCLSA would like to thank all contributors to the Annual Membership Fee and Weevil Project Fund. Those who have agreed to have their name shared are listed on the attached documents.

2013 Members

BCLSA Members 2013
Weevil Project Contributors 2013

2012 Members

BCLSA Members 2012
Weevil Project Contributors 2012

New Photos
Check out the latest photos of Big Cedar taken from the air! Also, 2015 PaddleFest. See Gallery
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