Videos of Big Cedar Lake

E-cottage Films sent us an email saying they had filmed Big Cedar Lake and that the videos are on their website. For those that are interested here’s the link.

Wild Parsnip | Ontario’s Invading Species Awareness Program
This plant is not to be messed with. It is all over the Ottawa area and
probably every where in Ontario and Quebec.

The Coalition to Save ELA (Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area)

A national, public petition was launched May 17th 2012 to officially oppose the federal decision to close the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), a Canadian freshwater research facility unlike any other in the world.

Please see the Press Release for more information. A a Petition for your personal use is available if you would like to support the Coalition to Save the ELA.

Press Release


Canadian Loon Survey

Canadian Lakes Loon Survey Celebrates more than 30 Years of Volunteer Action. Common Loons have returned to Canadian lakes for another nesting season. Hundreds of volunteers for Bird Studies Canada’s Canadian Lakes Loon Survey are also returning to their lakes – to monitor Common Loons, and to educate lake users on loon and lake conservation.

With more than 80% of the world’s Common Loon population breeding in our country, Canadians have a critical role to play in conserving and monitoring loons. Each summer, volunteers participate in the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. See for more information.

Ontario Whip-poor-will Project

Bird Studies Canada is trying to gain better information on where Eastern Whip-poor-wills are breeding in Ontario. As the range often coincides with rural landscapes as well as favourite lake and cottage areas I feel that lake and property owners can greatly help us meet this goal. If you have the opportunity to send the following information out to your members this week (ideally) or anytime in July I would appreciate you letting them know about our project.

Eastern Whip-poor-will calling activity is expected to be increase over the long weekend and next week as there is a full moon on Tuesday July 3rd.

Bird Studies Canada is asking birders, cottagers, and rural landowners across central Ontario to spend a few minutes at twilight (ideally about 30 minutes after sunset or 30 minutes before sunrise on a calm, clear, moonlit night) to listen for whip-poor-wills calling near your home, cottage or lake. If you are fortunate enough to hear the unmistakable call of a whip-poor-will, please report your observation to us using our Online reporting form

More information about the Ontario Whip-poor-will Project is available at

Kathy Jones, Ontario Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer positions available

Historian: This would ideal for someone with a keen interest in local history and who would be able to do some research on Big Cedar Lake and the surrounding area. Please email with any questions or if you have some local history you would like to share.

4 Responses to Notice Board

  • Congrats to the Board of our new Stewardship Association on the progress of the Weevil project. We recognize the work being done by the committee and appreciate the excellent communication on the progress of the project as well as the input on the history and information about Big Cedar Lake.
    note to Dave Clutton on the North Shore sale of lots:
    The sale of the crown land lots took place in September of 1966 at the Fair Grounds in Apsley. This included the 16 lots on the north western shore (our section), 6 lots in Hungry Bay (south shore). These properties are accessed by the Coon Lake Rd. It also included 9 lots on the north shore in the centre part of the lake which are accessed by the Haultain Rd.
    In the summer of 1967 a sale was held of miscellaneous crown land lots on several lakes and included 3 lots on Big Cedar Lake whose sale had not been completed at the Apsley sale the previous year. The purchase agreement for the crown land lots was that the record of patent (ownership deed) would be issued once a building of the specified size had been erected on the site. The purchaser was given 2 years in which to meet this requirement. The deeds of ownership were issued in 1967 and 1968 depending on when the owner applied for the final. That may explain the error of the year 1968 in the book ‘Up The Burleigh Rd’ . Your dad and mom built the Clutton cottage that spring & summer of 1967 in a veritable wilderness when you were not quite 2. I didn’t show up too often that summer while the men built the cottages but your mom was a true pioneer in the wilderness. Dorothy Hart

  • Orval Bolton would be an invaluable resource for information / stories / facts pertaining to the history of the lake. He just celebrated his 87th birthday, and is a wealth of knowledge. I spoke with his wife Grace, and she said he’d be happy to share information with anyone who is interested. They’re in the white cottage directly at the head of Hungary Bay.

    This site is great!

  • To the people who “borrowed” all of our fishing rods, out of our boathouse without our permission, please return them. We understand you love fishing. Our children do too! They worked very hard to buy their own rods. Please just put them back on our dock, no questions asked.

    To all BCL cottage owners, please be sure to secure all your belongings even when you are cruising the lake.


    The Riethmachers

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