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Spring 2017 Newsletter. Read it here

2017 Membership Renewal and next AGM

Please see the membership page to download the form for 2017 renewal. Thanks to all of you that support the health and well-being of our wonderful lake.

The 2017 Annual General Meeting will be on Sunday 21st May at 10am at the Wilson Park Community Centre. Please attend, if you can, as it’s always so nice to see everyone at the start of another cottage season, as-well-as supporting our association.

July, 2016 President’s letter. Read it here

New Proposed In Water Structures Bylaw

Mayor’s Message March 2016 See the latest news for details.

BCLSA Email address Please also note that we now have a dedicated email address for the BCLSA bigcedarlakesa@gmail.com

All communications from now on will come from this email address – please add to your contact list.

Any questions re the BCLSA should be directed to this email as it will be monitored and your questions answered.

Please share this information with your neighbours, particularly if they have purchased recently and may not be familiar with the BCLSA.

About the Association

The Big Cedar Lake Stewardship Association is non-profit corporation (BCLSA) and was formed on in spring of 2011, initially to find a way to control the amount of weed that has spread throughout a significant part of the lake in the past three years. The first Annual General Meeting was held on the 24th of May weekend with a large attendance.

As outlined in the objectives of the Association a broader mandate from the members is anticipated, looking at the general stewardship of the watershed and lake. It is hoped that the members will become more connected and the general welfare of the lake will benefit from these linkages.


There are 127 cottages on the lake of which 80 have become members as of June 2012. The goal is to have 100% membership so that we can all be represented and contribute to the well-being of our wonderful lake. The knowledge and experiences of all those who value Big Cedar lake will make the Association a stronger entity and will lead to better understanding of issues by all who use the lake.

BCLSA Leadership

The BCLSA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who manage the day to day activities of the Association reporting the membership at large. The incorporation of the Association calls for a Board of 10 members or the number who stand at an Annual General Meeting. For 2011 8 members make up the Board. The Board elects the officers from its members.
Members of the Board are:

Brian Stock

John Graham

Darcy Wefers

Don Austin

David Clutton Jr.

Leo Desorcy

Dave Madden

Meg Luxton

Various committees are created and have volunteer members who agree to work as required to carry out the committee objectives/goals.

Webmaster: Cliff Homewood

A copy of BCLSA’s Bylaws are available to view or download.

Objectives of BCLSA:

  • The preservation and improvement (or regeneration) of the environmental health of Big Cedar Lake in the Province of Ontario and its surroundings;
  • Serve as a focal point for Big Cedar Lake stewardship and improvement projects;
  • Provide information concerning matters related to the Big Cedar Lake community;
  • Providing a forum for Big Cedar Lake users to meet and get to know each other.

More about Big Cedar Lake

Two extremes of Big Cedar Lake!

big cedar lake seasons


New Photos
Check out the latest photos of Big Cedar taken from the air! Also, 2015 PaddleFest. See Gallery
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